An Open Letter to President Obama on the Urgency of Protecting Endangered Species


President Obama, the world needs your leadership even more right now to protect vulnerable endangered species from extinction.

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for your leadership on combating wildlife trafficking. Thanks to your Executive Order, it will be harder for criminals to smuggle illegal elephant ivory across state lines. And with recent state action — initiated by New Jersey — to ban intrastate ivory sales, other nations — including China — have taken notice.

Extinction is an imminent threat for many of our precious species. The time is now to speak up against some of the biggest atrocities still occurring under our watch.

Speak up against the systematic slaughter of elephants, lions, and rhinos as a father of two daughters who deserve to live on a planet where great and majestic animals still exist in abundance.

Speak up against the slated import by the Dallas Zoo of 18 wild-caught African elephants into inhumane facilities.

Demand action from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to take action and lead the release of Nosey the elephant to a sanctuary.

Speak up now publicly against the recent legalization of the South  African rhino horn trade to Asia and elsewhere. This is an abomination against a critically endangered species.

Speak against the mass kidnapping by the Zimbabwe government of young African elephants for exportation to China into horrific confinement.

Mr. President, publicly decry all ivory trade including that in Nantucket, Honolulu, San Francisco, New York, Vermont and Baltimore.

The U.S. must demand the full restoration of Appendix I standing for all African elephants, rhinos, and lions at the 2016 CITES Convention.  We are stewards of the planet and we must do something to save these species.

Thank you,
Jen Samuel sig
Jen Samuel
Elephants DC President and Founder,
on behalf of the team at Elephants DC

2 NJ

Under the championship of senior Senator Raymond J. Lesniak, the Senate Economic Growth and Agriculture Committee unanimously advanced two measures to combat trophy hunting on January 28 in Trenton. From left, Jen Samuel, founder of Elephants DC; Senator Lesniak; and Kathleen Schatzmann, senior state director of The Humane Society of the United States – New Jersey.


4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to President Obama on the Urgency of Protecting Endangered Species

  1. Thank you for helping to stop the killing of amazing animals it means so that you care about this cause . It shows what a wonderful President you continue to be thank you again .
    Gail Sullivan LICSW

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