Everyone Should Care as Much as Don Lawrence. Find Out Why He’s Marching for Elephants!


Anyone who’s met wildlife advocate Don Lawrence can tell you that he’s got a one-in-a-kind knack for bringing people together. Living in Alexandria, Virginia, Don surrounds himself with a warm circle of family and friends, and moves them all with his genuine concern and commitment to saving Africa’s wildlife.

Whether it’s showing up on the coldest day of February to protest the ivory trade outside the Chinese Embassy, opening his home to educate and inform for a cause, or rallying together citizens to create change, Don’s commitment to making a difference is truly awe-inspiring.

Most recently, Don has singlehandedly organized a group to raise awareness about the perils of “trophy” hunting — and the benefits of promoting sustainable wildlife tourism — in a Facebook advocacy page prompted by Cecil the lion’s killing. In just a few weeks, Don has attacted well over a thousand members, and is hard at work planning a vigil for Cecil and the Zimbabwe elephants in September, among other events. “We are the only voice for these defenseless animals,” says Don.

Don braved sub-freezing temperatures in February 2015 to send a message to China: the ivory trade must end!

Don braved sub-freezing temperatures in February 2015 to send a message to China: the ivory trade must end!

Find out a bit more about Don and why he’ll be marching in the Third Annual International March for Elephants on October 4 below.

1. What motivates you to stand up and take action for elephants?

Elephants are very much like us. They are family oriented, and the female members will remain together for their entire lives. Mother elephants protect and nurture their babies just as our mothers did when we were young. It’s easy to make the connection when you realize this.

2. What has been your favorite part of previous elephant marches or rallies that you’ve participated in?

I finally feel that I am part of a collective voice to make a difference. I enjoy being around people that think like me, and are passionate about animal rights.

3. Why do you think we need a march in Washington, DC?

Washington D.C. is an international community. If we are to be heard, it will be most effective from this great city.

4. How can ordinary people help with this cause?

By actually participating on whatever level they are comfortable with. It’s no longer ok to just say, “I don’t like that,” or “I don’t want to see that.” Do something. Every voice counts.

We have an opportunity to make change, and save what’s left of the remaining elephant populations of the world. When you are actually in their presence, you will realize that they have a right to live and raise their families just like us.

Thank you Don for inspiring us with your tireless work to raise awareness for elephants and other African wildlife!

Join Don — and countless others who care about preventing elephant extinction — in Washington, DC on Sunday, October 4 at the Third Annual International March for Elephants! We look forward to seeing you there.

Why I March - Don

P.S. Want to be featured in our #WhyIMarch campaign? We’d love to add your voice! Send an email to fundraising@elephantsdc.org.

P.P.S. You can help us meet our fundraising goal to buy the supplies and equipment for our march — and get a bumper sticker, t-shirt or art print — by donating here. Thank you!



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