Three Simple Ways to Honor Elephants on #WorldElephantDay (and Every Day)


Today is World Elephant Day, a wonderful worldwide event to raise awareness for the plight of elephants. From every corner of the globe, people who love elephants are trumpeting loud to voice their support for one of our planet’s oldest and most majestic species.

Let’s honor these gentle giants in as many ways as we can, today and every other day. Here are three simple ways to start.

1. Never Buy Ivory

This one is as simple as it gets. Just don’t buy it! Even if the claim is that it’s antique or vintage, it may not be. But even if it is, don’t buy it.

As long as ivory still has value in any form, poachers will kill elephants. Elephant tusks only have value for elephants!

2. Spread the Word About the Elephant Crisis

Share what you’ve learned about the risks elephants face. Talk to people you know, to people you met in the elevator, to anyone and everyone!

Not enough people know yet how fast we’re losing our world’s elephants. But each new person who learns and then speaks up is taking a big step towards turning the tide of public opinion against ivory products, once and for all.

And speaking of taking steps…Mark your calendars and plan to join the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in a city near you on October 4! We are hosting the second annual International March for Elephants in Washington DC. Join the herd and rise up for endangered species this World Animal Day!​

3. Support a Full Ivory Sales Ban Worldwide


With elephants at risk of extinction in as little as 10 years, elephant tusks should no longer be for sale anywhere, period. We recently had the honor of being part of the first full ivory sales ban in the United States in New Jersey. (If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the moving statement about this victory from State Senator Raymond J. Lesniak, the ban’s first champion.)

Now it’s time to work that momentum across the globe — from California to China and back again. Join the herd and support a full ivory sales ban to help stem the demand for ivory products. It’s the best way to keep elephant tusks where they belong — on living, wild, happy elephants.

Thank You for Helping to Secure a Future for Elephants!

Elephants DC is extremely grateful to all our dedicated volunteers and passionate supporters, and to all the other hard-working, world-changing organizations and groups out there who are working to make a difference for elephants.

Together, we can secure a long, happy future for our children, and their children, and the children of all the elephants living today.



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