Action Alert! 3 Easy Ways You Can Help New Jersey Ban Ivory Sales Today

photo  copyright Mike Paredes, Map Photographic

photo copyright Mike Paredes, Map Photographic

Want a quick, easy, and free way to get involved in helping elephants today? We’ve got three of them!

This month, there’s an urgent opportunity to make a difference in the state of New Jersey, which is on the threshold of making elephant history by passing the strongest ban on ivory and rhino horn sales in the United States. The State Legislature and people of New Jersey have spoken — they want no part in a vicious blood ivory trade that funds terrorism and is leading to the imminent extinction of a beloved species. This bill has the potential to be truly epic — for elephants, for rhinos, and for sending a strong message to the rest of the world.

Now it’s up to Governor Christie to sign the bill into law. He has 45 days to sign. We need your help to show him how important his decision is!

Read below for some quick ways you can help, no matter where you live. This is a great way to get kids involved in helping to protect elephants, too!

1. Be a Part of Our Global PSA! Record a Short Video

Create a super-short 15-30 second clip expressing your support of the bill to Governor Christie. Nothing fancy needed — you can your mobile phone, the webcam on your laptop, or another video recording device.

In your video, you should state the following. Remember to keep it positive!

My name is:____________
and I live in:____________
I am a Democrat/Republican/Independent (or omit & replace with your occupation)
Gov Christie, please support a full ban on ivory.
Thank you for supporting the people after Hurricane Sandy,
Please support the elephants that we love and ban ivory sales!

​Please submit your video clip to this DropBox or email it to

Deadline: ASAP

2. Tweet Your Support Using #banNJivory Daily This July


Let’s take over Twitter with our #banNJivory hashtag! Tweet a message every day.

Like with the videos, remember to keep your messages positive. We want to show the Governor our overwhelming love for elephants and why we hope he’ll pass this law. Be like an elephant, gentle, wise, and kind, and express clearly why you support a full ivory sales ban in New Jersey.

3. Write a Personal Letter to the Governor (Snail Mail or Email)

Taking the time to write a personal note (or use the recommended text below) can make a big difference here. Respectfully ask the Governor to sign the New Jersey bill to ban ivory and rhino horn sales.

You have the power to be inspiring! Talk about why you love elephants and why you think it’s so important that the Governor show leadership on this vital issue. And make sure to mention any connection you have personally to New Jersey!

Snail Mail:

Mail your letters to:
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625


Send a message through:
Please select either “Education” or “Environment” category for the message.

Sample Letter:

Dear Governor,

You were there to support the people of New Jersey during Superstorm Sandy – will you now turn the tide to save the elephants we love?

Please support a full ivory and rhino sales ban to save these keystone species. This is a measure to make the world a better place and New Jersey can lead the way.

The legal market fuels the illegal market and international criminals are making $19 billion smuggling wildlife annually, creating world instability and funding terrorism.

Please sign S2012/A3128 without delay!

your name

Thank you for your support!

Your actions today can make a difference. After all, we have the truth on our side! The legal ivory market fuels the illegal market, which funds terrorism and destroys lives — elephant and human both. We MUST close the down the ivory trade, and New Jersey can lead the way.



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