What a Difference Half a Year Makes! Elephants DC 2014 Progress Report

Photo c. Mike Paredes, Map Photographic

Photo c. Mike Paredes, Map Photographic

Well, everyone, it’s June! That means here in Washington DC, the days are the longest they’ll be all year. The heat and humidity we’re (in)famous for is back in full force. Kids have sprung free from school and are jumping into the nearest swimming pools they can find. It’s summertime!

It also means we’re halfway through 2014 now. It’s a perfect time to take stock and realize how far Elephants DC has come in just a few months.

So far our grassroots, totally volunteer-based nonprofit has hit the ground running. We became a registered nonprofit, and we didn’t waste a second in speaking up for elephants every chance we got.

Check out our infographic for more details below!

Infographic for Elephants DC's mid-year progress, 2014

If you think we’ve been busy this first half of the year… Our agenda for the rest of the year is even bigger.

In addition to planning the 2nd annual International March for Elephants on October 4, we’ll also be holding our first major fundraiser, launching several awesome education initiatives, and advocating for stronger anti-poaching policies and ivory sales bans wherever we can.

Also coming soon: Keep an eye out for our brand new Ranger Scholarship Program, which we’re developing in partnership with African field agencies to help support rangers on the ground protecting elephants. (More details to follow.)

Thanks to our supporters and our volunteers, we are truly making 2014 the year of the elephant.

Have some ideas for where you’d like to see Elephants DC go in the future? Please share in the comments below!


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